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How to find alternative size sprockets to Change the Gearing

The sprockets listed for your model will be the standard sizes - take a note of the part number – the last two digits are the sprocket size.

Use the ‘Search B & C Express’ box in the upper right section of this page, and put the part number in there, up to the point of the number of teeth, and the search will show other sizes available in that fitting.

Any queries, use the Contact Us option.

If your model is not listed
Use the Contact Us option, and give us the details, it may be something we can help you with.

Renthal Rear Sprockets
Rear aluminium sprockets are made from high strength specially enhanced 7075 T651 aluminium alloy. Sprockets with the suffix HA have a hard anodised coating. Sprockets with the suffice BK, BU, GO, GN, OR, or RD are colour anodised which is a cosmetic coating and not hard anodised.

Some colour anodised sprockets are made to order, which takes approximately two weeks.

Twinring sprockets for offroad models combine a specially enhanced 7075 T6 aluminium alloy centre and an ultra high strength electroless nickel coated steel outer ring.

Renthal Front Sprockets
These are precision CNC machined from case hardened and core refined 655M13 Nickel Chrome Molybdenum steel, with extremely tight tolerances for maximum longevity.

Pattern Steel Sprockets
These are mainly JT sprockets, but can be other makes. All the rear sprockets in this section are steel.

Special Fittings
We offer a one-off manufacturing service for rear sprockets in 7075 T651 aluminium alloy, these normally take around 5-7 working days to be made.

Track Use Sprockets
The options listed in this section are mainly 520 conversions, which are designed for track and race use, not for normal road use.