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How to find an alternative chain length - Choosing a longer or shorter Drive Chain

The standard length of chain will be shown once you have found the options listed for your model. The last three digits of the part number are the number of links in the chain – eg 114.

To find alternative lengths of chain use the ‘Search B & C Express’ box in the upper right section of this page, and put the part number in there, up to the point of the length of the chain, and the search will show other lengths available for that grade of chain.

Split or Endless Drive Chains
We supply all drive chains split, with a joining link. If you require an endless drive chain please contact us for further information.

Joining Links for Drive Chains
O Ring and X Ring chains for Road and Track use are normally supplied with a Rivet Link. Other chains and most Offroad chains are supplied with a Spring Clip Link.

Please contact us if you need to check the type of link supplied with a particular chain.

Timing Chains
All Tsubaki timing chains are supplied split, and all DID timing chains are supplied endless.