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Brake Pads & Clutches

Brake Discs / Rotors EBC offer a variety of styles of discs/rotors to suit the particular model they are to fit, available for Streetbike, Race, Off Road and Scooter.

Renthal RC-1 Brake Pads are premium, high performance sintered metal pads with excellent wet and dry braking power designed specifically for off road racing.

We stock EBC Brake Pads for most applications, Kevlar organic for road and scooter use, or Double-H Superbike compound. EBC offer their TT Series carbon based pads for trail and off road applications, as well as sintered-R compound and the MXS ultra-high friction for fast moto-x riding.

Clutches - we stock a range of common applications covered by EBC’s standard replacement friction plates (the set does not contain the metal plates), and the clutch spring sets are listed as a separate item to buy where available or applicable.