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Bars & Levers

IMPORTANT: If you search for bars specifically for your model the one listed is the nearest we stock to the original version fitted to your bike, it may not be an exact replica.

You can also search this section by styles or more general criteria - Renthal 22mm or 28mm Twinwalls and 28mm Fatbars for Road, Motocross or Enduro. Or there are Clip Ons for Road/Track models.

Renthal’s Brake and Clutch levers are covered in the Intellilever section. The clutch version is available as part of a universal perch nad lever assembly which includes everything you need to replace the OEM parts. Listed under the universal parts you will find the Hot Start Kit, which replaces the backing plate if needed for your particular model.

The brake lever is a direct replacement for your stock front brake lever and is designed to be used with the OEM master cyclinder.

Renthal Bar Mounts are 1 1/8” diameter and designed to replace OE 7/8” or 22mm bar mounts. The upgrade then allows 28mm Twinwall or Fatbars to be fitted. The mounts are meant to be used with the OEM rubber cones.